RestoBot Service Add-ons

products and category upload for restaurant chatbots
Product and Category Upload Service

Need to assistance to upload you products and categories? Our friendly RestoBots assistants can help you with this!

₱ 500 per 25 products and categories

promotions flow creation services for restaurant chatbots
Promotions Flow Creation Services

Having a new promotion? We can help you with that! We will can create the flow, keywords, payloads, and QR for ads. Our friendly RestoBots assistants can help you with this!

₱ 500 per promotion flow

loyalty rewards creation for restaurant chatbots
Loyalty Rewards Feature Creation

Reward you customers with giveaways via digital loyalty stamps! Depending on your needs, your customers can earn stamps every order or for reaching a certain amount on their order.

₱ 5,000 per loyalty rewards program

contactless dine in for restaurant chatbots
Contactless Dining Feature Creation

With COVID-19 still affecting restaurants and the whole F&B business, contactless dining feature will enable you to do contact tracing & contactless orders.

₱ 5,000 per contactless menu

customization service for restaurant chatbots
Customization Service

Every journey is unqiue and we can help you to make your RestoBot customized according to your needs. Connect with our friendly RestoBot assistants to get started.

starts at ₱ 5000, depending on scope

OTN topic and flow creation for restaurant chatbots
OTN Topic Creation and Flow Creation Service

Reach your customers beyond Facebook's no automated message after 24hours! With OTN, you can drive optimum growth for your business.

₱ 500 per OTN topic configuration


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