Merchant Guide

Merchant Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a RestoBot?

You have two (2) options: RestoBot Pricing

  • Starter Plan (Free)
  • Growth Plan (PHP 1,450/month)
What's the difference between Starter and Growth Plans?

Growth Plans have all the Starter Plan features, plus

  • Reduced convenience fee from PHP12 to PHP10 per transaction
  • Additional order types: Reservations and Contactless Dine-in
  • Additional payment methods: PayMongo (Credit/Debit Cards, GCash, GrabPay) and PayPal
  • Loyalty Rewards program with In-store or Online redemption
    Discount Coupons
  • API connection with 3rd party delivery services (one-time integration fee of PHP5,000 per TPL)
  • Remove RestoBot Branding
  • Customizations (one-time fees apply)
  • Priority Support
How many transactions can I have per month?

You can get as many orders you have.

What's my customers' journey going to be like?

You may refer to this guide for the complete Customer Journey - 

What channels can I use RestoBot at?

Customers can come from either of the following channels

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber (soon!)
  • Telegram
  • Google [via Google My
  • Business/Google Maps]
  • Web
How can I pay the convenience fee, SMS messages and other fees?

Convenience fee for Starter Plan is at PHP12 per transaction, PHP10/per transaction for Growth Plans. SMS messages costs PHP1.50 per 160character SMS message.

You can Top-Up your Store Credits via GCash. Convenience fees and SMS fees will be deducted from your Store Credits.

Convenience fee will be deducted when the order is sent to admin for processing
SMS fees will be deducted at the time the message is sent.

For monthly fees for Growth Plan, maintenance fees of PHP 1,450 will be deducted from your Store Credits every 1st day of the month.

What happens if I don't have balance in my Store Credit?

Once your store credit reaches below PHP12, RestoBot will stop functioning until you top-up.

I made a Top-Up, how long does it gets reflected?

Top-ups gets reflected within 24 hours after you have reported and made the Top-Up.

I want to upgrade to Growth Plan, what do I need to do?

Kindly email us at so we can make the upgrades on our end.

You will need to top-up your Store Credits as well.

I want to downgrade to Starter Plan, what do I need to do?

Kindly email us at so we can make the upgrades on our end.

Do you need to be admin of any of my channels?

For Facebook and Instagram, yes, we need to be an admin to your Facebook Page.

For Google My Business, we need to be a Manager of your Google My Business Account

All others, not at this time.

I don't want you to be an admin of my Facebook Page, do you have other options?

We understand if you don't want us to be an admin of your Facebook Page, your reasons are valid.

For this, you can recreate RestoBot as you own by using LetsChat Chatbot Platform.

Platform fee is PHP 1,450 per month (no per transaction fees), with unlimited contacts. You can purchase the RestoBot Template at a one-time template fee of PHP 5,000. RestoBot Templates are per channel - so we'll have different templates for each; RestoBot Template Facebook, RestoBot Template Instagram, RestoBot Template Telegram, etc.

The template is likewise customizable in case you want to customize it to your needs. However, all requests for customization and/or template repairs will be charged accordingly

Write to us at if you want to avail of this.

I want WhatsApp, will there be any other costs?

WhatsApp API has a 3rd party cost to Facebook and there is another 3rd party for BSPs (Business Service Providers).

BSPs fees (Twilio, 360Dialog, etc) ranges from $50 to $100+ per month

WhatsApp API template message cost approximately $0.005 per message sent.

These 3rd party costs are subject to change without prior notice and will be shouldered directly by the merchant. (WhatsAPI will be charging differently after Feb 2022)

I have multiple stores (branches), do I need multiple RestoBots?

1 Facebook Page/Channel = 1 RestoBot

Due to Facebook and other platform limitation, you can only have 1 Page per chatbot (RestoBot). If you have multiple stores but only have 1 Facebook Page for all of them, you only need 1 RestoBot.

If you have multiple stores with multiple Facebook Pages, you need 1 RestoBot for each store branch.

I want to have RestoBot inside my Facebook Page and Instagram page, how many RestoBots do I need?

You can have multiple channels with 1 RestoBot if these channels will share the same data and database. Example your products in Facebook and Instagram are the same, with the same prices, images, etc - you can have 1 RestoBot for them.

How soon can my RestoBot be up once I submitted my details?

Once we received complete details, added us as an Admin to your Facebook Page, and your Store Credit has enough balance, your RestoBot will be live within 24-48 hours.

I want to customize my RestoBot flows, how can this be done?

You need to be on the Growth Plan to be able to customize your RestoBot. You can email us your needed changes and we will assess the changes. We will then send you a one-time development fee for the changes (this varies depending on complexity of the request). Once we received the payment, we will start with the development of the changes. You will be updated on the timeline on when these changes will be live.

Your Excel Template for Categories, Products and Product Variations are too complex or I don't have time, can you arrange this for me?

While we prefer you to complete the Excel Template on your own, we understand that you may be busy.

We can have one of our customer care officers to assist you with the Excel Template, one-time service fee of PHP 500 (for up to 100 products/product variations) for this service will be applied accordingly.

What is your refund policy?

We encourage using our Starter account (Free) first so you'll have experience on using RestoBots.

All our service-related fees (development fee, customization fees, etc), due to the nature of work, are non refundable.

Platform fees are refundable for the first 30 days. After which, if you decided to cancel, your account will be valid until the last day of the applicable month.

Customer Journey -
Categories, Products and Product Variations -


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